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What 'soft skill' activity shaped you the most?

Frank Blecha
Frank Blecha
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high school choir stage

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Attending my daughter's concert made me rethink the value of such activities. Growing up in the Midwest, I played football and thought other soft skills events or clubs (drama, debate, etc.) weren’t cool. Time and experience reveal the
value now.

Music or Drama

Drama, for instance, teaches invaluable skills that are essential in management.
It didn’t seem applicable to me growing up. I was wrong - everything about drama applies to being a good manager.

Can you:

  • Get up and present in front of a crowd?
  • Project your voice?
  • Project feelings like confidence or optimism, even when doubting yourself?
  • Light a presentation area for optimal display?
  • Work with mics and sound to enable a good presentation?


In a debate, you're challenged to present concise ideas to convince someone of your position. It will be an adversarial environment, which is even more helpful. Debate Club is a safe place to gain these skills:

  • Ability to present from a stage or podium
  • Ability to present an idea and defend it
  • Quickly summarize and understand a position or paper
  • Present in a professional manner
  • Respond and work on an abridged schedule

While sports undoubtedly teach teamwork and discipline, activities like drama and debate offer a unique skill set that is equally valuable in the professional world.

What 'soft skill' activity shaped you the most in your formative years?